Do you have a question about our products? Here are some of the most popular questions answered for you but if you have any further questions, feel free to message us! We are a small business who are proud to talk about our products so there is no query too small for us to answer!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you make your own products? Absolutely! All our products are handmade from raw natural ingredients to our own unique recipes. We never ever use a base product such as melt and pour soap or base lotions. Our soaps are made using Cold Process which is a very traditional method of production. Our liquid soaps are made using hot  process. Our Body Butters, Bath Teas and Facial Oils are made to our own recipe and whipped by hand. 

Do your products contain preservatives or any other manmade chemicals? No, we pride ourselves on 'keeping it natural'. Products with no water added do not need a preservative. Our product range is focused on the most natural choices for you!

Are your products suitable for children? On the whole, we would recommend that our products are not used for under 3 year olds. Unscented products are best for children as most essential oils should not be used on young children.

Are your products suitable for pregnant women? I would recommend only unscented items only - the Bare Butter is great for stretch marks! Lavender or Chamomile based products may also be safe but please check with your medical practitioner before commencing use.

Do you use Palm Oil in your products?  Yes, we use RSPO (Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil) in our main range of soaps. We are aware of the issues surrounding deforestation and if you would prefer a Palm Oil free alternative try our wonderful salt soaps which are made with Coconut, Olive & Avocado Oil. Our Liquid Soaps are also completely Palm Free. We do plan to bring out a fully palm free standard soap in the future.

Are your products cruelty free? We would never, ever, buy ingredients that have been tested on animals nor would we ever test our products on animals! Husbands, Sisters, Brothers and Friends are all our willing test subjects!!! We are unable to join an affiliated 'Cruelty Free' logo due to the comparatively large costs involved.

Are your products suitable for those with sensitive skin? We pride ourselves in the fact that our products help (or at least, not aggravate) many skin conditions. Our salt soap and facial oils have been particularly helpful to our customers in this regard. We have also had some great feedback from customers regarding our Bath Teas too! Of course, everyones skin is different so no guarantees can be made! Feel free to read our feedback on this website, Facebook and Etsy for real reviews!

Are your products fully registered? We follow UK and EU law. Our products are fully assessed by a certified chemist, we are registered with the EU and in addition we are members of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers. Your skin safety is why we started this business in the first place! Whoever you buy from, make sure they are registered with the Guild at the very least. You can check here: www.gcstm.co.uk/members

Are your products suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans? All our products are suitable for vegetarians as we never use animal fats (tallow) in our products. Some of our products do contain silk, honey and milk so will not be suitable for vegans however we do list all ingredients in 'Plain English'  to make your choice easy! We believe in transparency of ingredients!

I have an allergy (dairy, gluten, peanut, beetroot) - do you use any ingredients that may cause a reaction? We never use Peanut Oil or Almond oil however some of our products may contain dairy, gluten and indeed beetroot. Read through our 'Plain English' ingredients list to double check your choice.

Which soaps are best for facial use? I would reccomend Silk Rose, Forever Young or Lavender Milk. If you have oily skin try Festival Brew or Ocean Storm.

What colorants or fragrances do you use? Only natural essential oils, botantical colorants and natural clays are used for colors and scents. If you want to avoid manmade fragrance & colorants look out for 'CI numbers' or just the simple description of 'Parfum', these both indicate man made chemical additives.

Any other questions? Contact us with your question!