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Welcome to 2 Sisters Soaps first online article. We are Artisan Soap Makers that believe in using Natural Ingredients. We hope this newsfeed gives you insight into how soaps are made, how ingredients can affect your skin and why handmade soaps are amazing!


I thought I would begin this blog by introducing myself and explaining our commitment to making high quality, cold process soaps with only natural ingredients!

I will start by explaining that half my family have skin problems, from mild outbreaks to quite extreme and painful eczema and dermatitis. I, myself, had similar problems in my teen years – I had mild eczema and consequently lathered on a certain ‘hypoallergenic’ product only to find the inflammation and itching increasing. This increasing irritation simply stopped when I stopped using body creams altogether!!! It was only me left feeling irritated! How can something be called hypoallergenic when clearly there are still tons of irritating chemicals in it?!

On this note 2 Sisters Soaps began. We only use naturally gathered or harvested additives in our products. This blog is here to help you understand our soaps and I will be posting articles on specific ingredients and soaps over time. This information will help you understand how our products may help you and what ingredients you may want to avoid.

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Louise @ 2 Sisters

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