What is Natural Soap?

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In recent years handmade soaps of all types have become popular but as I have found out over the years - Not all Handmade Soaps are made equal! There are Melt and Pour, Hot Process, Milled, as well as Cold Process which we will be discussing today! The question that we are posing is: what is a Natural Handmade Soap?

Cold Process Soaps can look beautiful, colourful and have fabulous exotic scented soaps and they are amazing! They make for wonderful designs and you just want to eat them! However, if you have sensitive skin or just believe in pure ingredients these colourful scented handmade soaps are not for you.

I found many soap makers call their soaps natural and still use artificial fragrance oils (Parfum) and colours with Color Index (CI) numbers – this is a tad misleading. To get great colors in soaps usually means the addition of artificial colors or at the very least oxides. To get scents such a chocolate, coconut, strawberry and many others, again, these are obtained by artificial manmade chemicals. My advice is to understand the labelling on products and ask if you are unsure.

At 2 Sisters Soaps, our scents are made entirely from essential oil combinations and our colours tend to muted as they are derived from natural ingredients such as Clays, spices such as Paprika, and other naturally harvested products such as Activated Charcoal and Cocoa.

There is an argument asking if any soap can be natural as by its very nature soap is made by Sodium Hydroxide or Lye (made simply by rain water filtering through ash). Never believe anyone who says their soaps do not have the ingredient Lye in it (Lye changes during the soap process but it is most definitely added to all soaps)! As Lye is an essential ingredient we have to discount this from being an additive to soap. From this moment on we, at 2 Sisters Soaps, guarantee that only naturally gathered or harvested ingredients are added to our soaps.

This blog is here to help you understand the benefit of our natural additives and I will be posting articles on specific ingredients and soaps over time. This information will assist you in understanding how our products may help you and what ingredients you may want to avoid.
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Louise @ 2 Sisters