Long Lasting Soaps with Quality Ingredients

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Did you know that our standard handmade soaps are all made with 40% Olive Oil? Our Salt Soaps are made with Coconut Oil & luxury Avocado oil!

Our standard handmade soap is made with 40% Olive Oil (and not filler oils) which is an exceptionally (and arguably the best) mild and hard (long lasting) soap making oil. Customers who buy from our Shea & Cocoa Butter range are often suprised how long their soaps last! Handmade soap has a reputation for being used up quickly and becoming soggy! Well, if you allow you soap to dry out between uses (try using one of our ladder soap dishes?!) and use soaps with a high degree of Olive Oil you will have an amazing soap that really does last!

Our Salt Soaps (predominantly Coconut Oil due to the nature of the product) have added Avocado Oil which is high end luxury oil and is extremely conditioning. It is so good we use it in our Bath Teas too! Salt soaps will never last as long as our standard soaps but, in our opinion, that doesn't matter when you have a soap as good as our salt soap range! You may have to give up a longlasting soap but salt soaps give you great lather, a refreshing feel on the skin and a totally different bathing experience. We all agree at 2 Sisters, we love to swap our soaps around - scrubby ones, salty ones and our standard ones all get a look in at some point or other! Oh we feel so spoilt! ;)

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