Busy with Body Wash

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Apologies for missing January's news article!

I have a good, nay, a GREAT excuse! I have been very busy preparing, tweaking, paperworking and making our new liquid soaps. It really has kept me busy but it is so worth it!

Our chemical, palm, and cruelty free soaps are certainly worth trying!

It has taken over a year of formulating, making (with lots of trial and error) as well as the usual tons of paperwork but now we have finally launched our first three natural hand and body washes. More will come during 2017! 

Liquid Soap is made by using Potassium Hydroxide (rather than the Sodium Hydroxide used in hard soaping) and we use a hot process method to produce it. The process takes alot of patience and although is not intense, it takes up to 48 hours of cooking, dissolving and sequestering to produce a batch. 

We have chosen a selection of different essential oils to scent our soap in keeping with our natural additives only ethos. 2 Sisters Washes are very different from their commercial cousins and contain no skin irritating preservatives so if you have sensitive hands you may find using liquid soap is truly beneficial!

Before I leave you to peruse our wonderful threesome of soaps, you need to know the following about all natural liquid soap:

1. It is more aqueous than the detergent commercial hand wash that you are used to.

2. The nozzle may block so always cover the pump dispenser to minimize squirtage!

3. Opacity of the soap varies depending on the scents used, temperatures etc

Hope that explains a little about our lovely liquid soaps! 

Thanks for Reading.... Louise@2Sisters