Being Forever Young...

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Today we are talking about the making of (almost) everyone's favourite floral soap. Made with skin loving essential oils such as Geranium, Lavender and Rosemary, our Forever Young Soap seems aptly named!

Want to know more about what goes in it? 

Our Forever Young handmade soap has some wonderful skin regenerating ingredients. Of course, it’s not going to provide anyone with the secret of eternal youth but we can live in hope?! It is part of our Shea Butter range and contains over 40% Olive Oil which is one of the mildest soap making oils out there. this ensures Forever Young is a very gentle, none drying bar of soap.

How did we go about formulating this particular soap you may ask? We chose the key ingredient ratios of Coconut, Palm, Olive, and Castor oil which are combined with a good dollop (not the technical term) of Shea Butter to ensure a mild soap which is suitable for facial, hand and body use. Once the base recipe had been decided upon, we researched the most skin friendly (and anti-wrinkle) essential oils and additives. We came up with a combination of floral essential oils which included Geranium & Rosemary as well as Lavender and Rosewood.

The properties of these pure essential oils are reported to give a healthy boost your skin. Lavender, for instance, is known for relaxing and helping one sleep however did you know it is additionally packed with antioxidants and can help calm your complexion and even help skin conditions like acne and eczema? Geranium essential oil is also key to the success of Forever Young as it is amazing for creating radiancy in your skin: it has powerful cicatrisant properties, meaning it increases blood circulation under your skins surface which promotes healing as well as nourishing your skin cells. Without boring you with too much geekiness Rosemary and Rosewood essential oils are also packed with antioxidants besides having the added benefit of being antibacterial.

Leaving these amazing essential oils to one side, the final ingredient is the delicate pink French Clay which gives the soap it’s dusky colour and helps tone your skin as well as facilitating the elimination of dead skin cells making your complexion look at its best!

If you like the sound of Forever Young natural handmade soap, other soaps you may enjoy are our Silk Rose and Lavender Milk.

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