Your Skin: Angst with Acne?

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First things first... You are not alone!!!

Approximately 1 in 20 women experience acne, 1 in 100 men and the unluckiest of the lot are teenagers who seem to suffer as 4 out of 5 teens experience acne! Lets dispel the number one myth that acne is caused from being unhygienic: IT IS NOT!  I am here to help you understand why it occurs!


Skin has the surface area of 2 square meters on average and accounts for 15% of your body weight! It is made up of three layers. The Epidermis is the outer layer, the Dermis is the middle layer and Subcutaneous is the inner most layer. Its functions include: Protection (Barrier), Homeostasis (Temperature Maintenance), excretion (of Toxins) and secretion (oils, moisture, etc). 

Different areas of skin have microbiological differences: the driest are the upper arms and legs; the moistest and most acidic area being the underarms and toe webs; and the area falling in between these two extremes being the face and hands. The thinnest part of your skin is found around your eyes and thickest on the bottom of your feet. Every minute your skin sheds over 30,000 cells and this makes up 50% of our house dust!

We have hundreds of different bacterium living on our skin and most do not cause any problems however if they permeate the secure barrier of the skin, it can lead to issues. A good example of this are boils: these are caused by a normally harmless Staph bacteria but if this gets through the skin barrier to a hair follicle it will create an unsightly, painful and inflamed lump. Acne is a common condition and is caused by over production of sebum combining with dead skin cells that block pores.

As already mentioned it is a myth that your acne is caused from being unhygienic, in fact, we recommend washing your face no more than three times a day to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation. Also suggested is minimal make up and healthy lifestyle to help minimize skin problems. Tea tree and Lavender essential oils are thought to help acne and it is reported that Rosemary, Bergamot and Frankincense oils may have positive effects also. Our Facial Oils, which contain Jojoba and Rosehip are formulated to help this condition too.

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