50 Shades of Natural

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Our products are as natural as can be. We do not add artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives but can we really say anything is truly natural... is it all just varying degrees of natural?


We, at 2 Sisters, classify a natural ingredient as one that has been gathered or grown straight from a natural source and has had minimal processing however others may accept a degree of chemical processing in their natural ingredients.

Many handmade soapers still use artificial colorants (mica's and oxides included) and fragrances and still call their makes natural soap as they contain no preservatives. Is this accurate and fair to the customer? What do you think? Now, have we (maybe) agreed that artificial colorants and artificial fragrances are not natural products but manmade? The next question is regarding processing of so called natural ingredients....

At 2 Sisters we use essential oils for scent and botanicals for colors however many of these have to go through a process of extraction. Some of these extraction techniques involve additional chemicals (some do not)! So even essential oils are 'tampered' with to gain a usable end product.

In addition to this we have the idea of organic products...  Organic skincare is very popular and many products used in natural soaps and skincare are organic however to get products labelled as such costs money and time hence you pay more for them. At 2 Sisters we use a mix of organic and non organic products so does this mean we aren't 100% natural? As I said before, the organic products are grown 'naturally' but then how are they processed afterwards to obtain the final ingredient? Some essential oils HAVE to be processed so does that mean that some essential oils can never be organic or natural?? OMG! I am so confused right now! 

So you can see - it is not a straightforward discussion and although I am a specialist in my field you could argue with me on every point I have made! The point is for you as a customer and as a user of skincare is to learn about the labels and make an informed judgement of your own. Good luck!

Thanks for Reading (and sorry I couldnt be more helpful)