Quick Tips on using Facial Oils

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Natural facial oils are a wonderful thing! No manmade chemicals, no irritating preservatives, only natural and nourishing oils from across the world. The oils we choose have been carefully selected for their benefits to your skin. 

We understand it takes some time to get used to natural products compared to commercial makes so here are our top tips for using our facial oil effectively!

Facial oils are very rich so a little goes a long way. The oil is absorbed easily into the skin and it is a myth that facial oils are not for oily skin! For our 'light' range we have selected oils such as Black Cumin Seed, Tamanu, and Jojoba which are great for oily and problem skin! Our 'luxury' range has been developed for mature and dry skin and we have included oils such as Moringa, Rosehip Seed and Marula oils to give your skin a super boost!

Buy one of our 30ml Facial Oils today and here are our suggestions on their use!

  1. One drop of oil smoothed over your face before you apply foundation allows a much smoother application of makeup!
  2. Try one or two drops applied over your face, neck and even your eye area at bedtime.
  3. Need a super hydration fix? Try a Face Oil Mask treatment! After a shower, clear your hair out of the way and lather on 5-8 drops of oil and leave for 15 minutes, blot off any excess oil and feel how soft your skin is!


Our oils are for use on your skin but they also promote the growth of nails and can smooth flyaway hair (a tiny amount of oil is needed for this) so one little bottle can have tons of uses!

Thanks for reading, Louise@2Sisters