Beautiful Summer Feet

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Do you want to be able to show off beautiful feet this summer?

Get started now! Those dry, cracked heels are not attractive when it comes to getting your feet ready for summer sandals... and it takes tenacity to get those feet into tip top condition... are you ready?!




Dry, cracked heels are a very common problem for us ladies (in particular)... Why oh why does it happen?
Well, some people are just pre disposed to cracking of their feet but major factors include: standing all day, open backed shoes or flat shoes (with no cushioning) as well as standing on hard surfaces. Foot care is so important as if these cracked heels become infected it can become extremely painful and quite distressing.

So, you already have cracked heels and you have tried everything I hear you say? Well, it requires fortitude and persistance as it is not a problem that can go away in a few days. Firstly you need to get yourself some good quality foot balm (try our You're Minted Peppermint & Eucalyptus or Tranquility with Teatree & Lavender 100ml pot - you'll need all of that 100ml) and a good quality pumice stone or 'foot grinder' as I like to call them!!!! Now, are you ready to be strict with yourself?

A simple schedule would include applying foot balm or butter at night then wrap your feet in clingfilm and slip into socks. The foot balm can be anything from Vaseline to Coconut Oil to our Body Butters. It has to be rich and dense! After every shower, use PUMICE - this is really worth it! Just a few scrubs after a shower then add a touch of the same rich body butter on your feet! Once a week, treat yourself to a foot soak - Epsom & Dead Sea Salts have both been suggested as a great foot softening soaks. Something like our Healer Bath Tea would be great for this as it contains both types of salts and oats which are skin softening as well as containing essential oils that are antibacterial. After a good soak,  it is time to get that pumice out again followed by more foot butter!

You need to work at it every day! If you are very dedicated, apply balm morning, noon and night where possible. After showering (and foot exfoliation) is the absolute best time to apply your foot lotion, let it soak in for a few minutes and then slip on some socks to ensure you don't track said lotion through your house! This should be done for a month, yes, a whole month! No pain: No gain! 

So lets recap for perfect feet: add butter (preferably with antibacterial qualities) three times a day and exfoliate once a day after a shower/bath and then a once a week session soaking your feet with exfoliation then slathering on the foot butter and finally wrappping your feet in clingfilm for the entire evening! Once your feet are in good condition the maintenance becomes much more manageable, that's a promise!

This does work and now we are in May you have a month to make those tootsies fit for a beauty queen (or king).
I wish to thank all my facebook followers for providing their very own tips for keeping feet beautiful!
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