So What Are Shower Steamers?

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Introducing you to our brand new product, not excactly skincare or soap but more of a bathroom accoutrement! One that creates the feeling of a spa at home!

Whether you need to be uplifted or relaxed, we got it covered!    


We have always focused on natural body and skincare and decided to offer a bit more to create the spa experience at home. 

Shower Steamers, Shower Fizzes, Shower Bombs are all names for these fragrant tiny packages! All our Shower Steamers are made with a high amount of essential oils which create a superb aroma at shower time. How do they work? Just place a steamer in the corner of the shower (where it receives a small amount of spray) and allow the steam and water to slowly dissolve it releasing your chosen scents.

We have chosen seven scents for you to select from, relaxing and soothing Lavender or Geranium, perfect after a stressful day or just before bed. Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint will focus the mind and give feelings of rejuvenation (as well as clearing those sinuses). Finally, we have Lemon and Orange essential oils which are upifting happy scents. Basically, a scent for every occasion!

These Steamers are not for direct skin contact as they contain high levels of essential oils and have not been assessed with regard to skincare regulations. Neither should they be used as bath bombs. The great news is that they will be on offer until 1st October so pop your order in now!

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