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Natural facial oils are a wonderful thing! No manmade chemicals, no irritating preservatives, only natural and nourishing oils from across the world. The oils we choose have been carefully selected for their benefits to your skin. 

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12 Jan / 2018

Got Any Questions? Pt II

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After a short break for Christmas where I allowed myself a little rest as a reward for working so hard, it is now time to share the second half of our question time. If you have a question about natural soap and skincare. You have just landed on the right page!

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24 Nov / 2017

Got Any Questions? Pt I

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Curious about Natural Handmade Soap? Have you never tried natural soap or have you tried it and loved it but still have questions about why they are so different from commercial style soaps? This article runs through our most FAQ's so hopefully it will answer some of your questions.


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29 Oct / 2017

50 Shades of Natural

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Our products are as natural as can be. We do not add artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives but can we really say anything is truly natural... is it all just varying degrees of natural?


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First things first... You are not alone!!!

Approximately 1 in 20 women experience acne, 1 in 100 men and the unluckiest of the lot are teenagers who seem to suffer as 4 out of 5 teens experience acne! Lets dispel the number one myth that acne is caused from being unhygienic: IT IS NOT!  I am here to help you understand why it occurs!


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Calendula or just simply Pot Marigold with its beautiful golden flowers has long been understood to soothe problematic skin conditions. It originates from southern Europe.

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