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01 Mar / 2017

Who's the Mummy?

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Did you know that celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans? They held festivals to honor the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele! 

We have been celebrating Mothers Day in some way since the 16th Century in the UK! This modern day version of Mother's Day stems from early Christian festivals and is now known as “Mothering Sunday”


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06 Feb / 2017

Busy with Body Wash

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Apologies for missing January's news article!

I have a good, nay, a GREAT excuse! I have been very busy preparing, tweaking, paperworking and making our new liquid soaps. It really has kept me busy but it is so worth it!

Our chemical, palm, and cruelty free soaps are certainly worth trying!

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07 Dec / 2016

Bumper 2016

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Yep, that's right - bumper not bumpy!

We did start the year out with a relocation, loss of internet for almost 8 weeks, our label printer going bust and a renovation of a soap kitchen! Sounds busy? Yes it was! However it was all worth it with a bumpy start ending with bumper sales! Our business is not quite 3 years old now and I am so grateful for all the support from our customers!

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04 Nov / 2016

Aromatic Frankincense

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As it is nearing Christmas, thought we would discuss the best things about Frankincense essential oil. Derived from the resin of the Boswellia Carterii tree which is usually found in Somalia and surrounding countries.

It was, of course, one of the three gifts presented in the Christian Nativity story of the Three Wise Men or Magi.


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Black Cumin Seed Oil is used in some of our Facial Oils. It is derived from the Nigella Sativa which is native to Asia.

It is a very effective seed oil which is rich in anti-oxidants and it has even been linked to fighting super bugs like MRSA in recent studies thanks to its antibacterial qualities!

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08 Sep / 2016

Goats Milk Madness!

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Although many of our products are Vegan friendly we do use Goats Milk in some of our skincare. We use this rather special ingredient as it really does impart amazing skincare benefits.

Would you like to know more? This article is for you then! Read on!




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