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I guess I should introduce myself! I am a little shy so please be nice!!!

My name is Louise and I started soapmaking several years back. At first, I used a plethera of fragrance oils and bright colorants but my soap making slowly morphed into the more natural style that you see on this website!


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07 Jul / 2016

Imperfect Vs Perfect

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At 2 Sisters we handcut our products and this means there are variations between soaps. 

We often have offcuts from a soap loaf which are not quite perfect. What do we do with them?


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02 Jun / 2016

Radiant with Rosehip

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Rosehip Seed oil is an oil derived from the seeds of certain varieties of rosebushes. It has been used in skincare for many years and is so popular for tons and tons of reasons!

Shall we find out what some of them are?

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09 May / 2016

Versatile Turmeric

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Turmeric is a tasty addition to your cooking but did you know it has multiple uses in skincare?! 

We use it in several products and although the scent is not present, the properties and color of Turmeric remain!


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22 Apr / 2016

New Crochet Scrubbies

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Flannels, cloths, scrubbies... so many types to chose so what do you look for when you want a facial cloth to go with your 2 Sisters Soap?

Something super soft on your skin, perhaps lightly exfoliating, easily washable? Well, look no further.... we have launched our Facial Scrubbies!

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27 Mar / 2016

Fabulous Facial Oils!

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Well, we have launched our absolutely fabulous, chemical free, Facial Oils.

They are currently on special offer to allow you to try them at a discount! 25% off our £19.99 Facial Oils is a one time deal! The offer ends on April 1st so get in quick! (That's no joke!)



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