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Our Bath Teas boast a powerful combination of Epsom & Dead Sea Salts as well as natural botanicals but what are the benefits of Epsom Salts aka Magnesium Sulphate?

Well, did you know the Magnesium and Sulphates in Epsom Salts are readily absorbed through your skin? Here we can discuss a few benefits of these salts (according to Epsom Salt Industry Council)

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20 Jul / 2015

Our Stockists!

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I am very proud to announce we are now located in 3 shops in the midlands area. You can now buy a selection of our soaps, body butters, bath teas, soap dishes and natural sponges in Swadlincote, Evesham and Coventry as well as on our website!



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Well, I am very excited to be able to tell everyone that our body butters were launched at the beginning of June and since then we have had bumper sales so a big thank you to all my regular customers.

As a small business our investment in new products is a major commitment and so it is lovely to see that our customers are really excited about them!!


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15 May / 2015

So why Bath Teas?

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So many questions and so little time! What is a Bath Tea? Why is it different? What is in it? What do you do with it? If you have wondered any of these things I will do my best to answer you in this short article about our soothing luxury 2 Sisters Bath Teas.


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Welcome to this fun and light hearted look at natural handmade soaps and what you should expect from them! My lovely customers often ask about how I make my soaps or why my soaps are different so here is some of the answers! I hope to enlighten you just a little bit!


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Did you know that our standard handmade soaps are all made with 40% Olive Oil? Our Salt Soaps are made with Coconut Oil & luxury Avocado oil!

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