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Salt Soaps have become very popular in the USA but fairly rare in the UK.

They have a plethera of benefits to your skin but the most noticeable differences between 'normal' handmade soaps and salt soaps are: Lather & Scent... Lets talk about Salt Soap a bit more!

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Avocado Oil is obtained from the flesh of the Avocado. We all know how good Avocado’s are for your health and wellbeing so it stands to reason that the oil obtained from this fruit is very special. Whether it is in food or skin and hair care, it is worth finding out about this fabulous oil!

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04 Jan / 2015

The Wonders of Olive Oil

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All of 2 Sisters Soaps contain Olive Oil as it is a wonderful soap making oil used on its own or combined with other oils. It is also an essential ingredient in our skincare recipes which are planned for 2015 as it has great moisturizing properties!

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It's been a while since I posted as it is a busy time of year for any retail or manufacturer so apologies but here's to another successful year!

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We are introducing the amazing benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil to you! This is one of the few clinically proven essential oils and has so much to give. We will discuss only a few of it's applications in the article!

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Our 2014 Christmas Cracker Soap Gift. This is only available from now until 20th December and is fully customisable! So if you want them - get ordering!

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