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There are three basic ingredients needed to make cold process soap: Oil, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) & Water. You can expand on these basic ingredients; you can vary the recipe by adding several different oils, essential oils, botanicals & clays, and substitute water for other liquids (milk, beer etc).  Each of these different ingredients will bring a new property to your soap. Soaps with beer are very fluffy where soaps with lots of olive oil will be highly conditioning but not bubbly at all!


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We are spending this weekend in Planters at Bretby Garden Centre near Burton on Trent for a fabulous Handmade and Craft Fair. We will be trading from 10am til 4pm each day so come and see us!

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29 Oct / 2014

Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Lemongrass is a versatile and fragrant essential oil. 2 Sisters Soaps use it in a variety of our soaps. We’ll explain a little about this wonderful essential oil whose technical (INCI) name is Cymbopogon Citratus.

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We are launching our Cocoa Butter & Olive Oil Range this month and you can pre order from October 25th.

We have some fantastic soaps available within this range. Our Christmas special edition is our most glamorous –Three Kings Soap contains 24K Gold as well as Frankincense & Myrrh oils. We think thats a pretty special soap!


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10 Oct / 2014

Calke Abbey Craft Fair

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Calke Abbey Craft & Vintage Fair on Sunday 19th October 2014.

Come and visit 2 Sisters Soaps who will have a stall full of scented natural soaps.


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07 Oct / 2014

What is Natural Soap?

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In recent years handmade soaps of all types have become popular but as I have found out over the years - Not all Handmade Soaps are made equal! There are Melt and Pour, Hot Process, Milled, as well as Cold Process which we will be discussing today! The question that we are posing is: what is a Natural Handmade Soap?

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